My work begins with walking: along the coast, in the bush, up on the cliffs, sitting on the jetty or looking at the spaces under the wharf.

Large oil paintings start with quick studies and drawings made en plein air. Although I am right handed, I always draw (and sometimes paint) with my left non-dominant hand. This brings a fresh outlook to my work and usually takes the drawing somewhere unexpected. My travels take me to new places around the world and I create sketchbooks wherever I go – drawings leave me with powerful memories.

My paintings are mostly firmly rooted in the Australian landscape, especially along the coastal fringe – that mysterious, elusive boundary between land and sea. The ocean is always in motion, the land changing with its rhythms.

Recent works have a fragmented, shifting perspective. This challenges me and the viewer to look a little differently at the landscape. Hovering at times on the edge of abstraction, I aim to simply observe and celebrate the beauty and joy contained in the boundaries of the ocean, that last great wilderness.

Even a glimpse of the coast brings a sense of calm and reflection. The mind can wander, stress lifts. All weathers, all colours, the sea can be slate grey or bright aqua; deepest indigo or white with light and reflection. My empty coastal places are mirrors; they reflect back something of yourself – time stops walking, and takes on different hues. Whatever the colour, it lifts my mood.

Life just feels better by the sea.